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BFA Design

Saga Karlsson

Carry on, Mental Baggage feels like…


There’s many different and varying degrees of traumas or events that shaped us and help decide how we handle things in life. We all carry some baggage. I have in this thesis worked with publication and in a collection of stories illustrated the feeling of these, sometimes heavy and complicated baggages, in a more lighthearted and playful way. Carry on highlights several mental baggages, show that there’s a spectrum of variations and that you’re not alone in experiencing those. It’s a phenomenon/feeling/perception that’s not physical but a state of mind, as certainly can cause physical consequences but nevertheless something that’s invisible. By de-dramatizing and making these mental baggage visible, I intend to attract dialogue and reflection and thus normalize a subject that sometimes needs to be talked about. A Baggage is after all something that gradually gets heavier the more you stuff things away/out of reach/. Went from having the physical book as a desired results, for it to act as a method, to finally work towards digital publication and a webtoon format.

What you see here is a selection of spreads from the book format and a prompt to visit the platform Webtoon for the vertical, digital result.