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About this website

Welcome to our digital platform for graduation projects!

Through this platform, we want to give you an opportunity to take part of the questions, expressions, techniques and themes that are relevant to our students and the artistic practice in which they operate.

Our students usually meet their audiences in different environments; in cinemas, museums, galleries, on the street, in shopping centers, classrooms, libraries, in exhibition halls and other places where people visit, live and work. It has been a challenge to operate within these environments during the ongoing pandemic. The students have all been faced with dilemmas and paradoxes that have forced them to reconsider and re-prioritize. They have also found new, innovative ways to work and encounter their surroundings.

A digital platform can never replace such a context, but it is an opportunity for us to gather our different subjects and give you a peek of into the work by the graduating classes. Welcome to take part of the projects by those who now will take their place in contemporary and future Design, Photography, Film, Fine Art, Crafts, Literary Composition and Art Education.

HDK-Valand through Klara Björk, Deputy Head of Department


To take part of of last year’s graduates please visit