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BFA Jewellery Art

Lisa Nilsson

I Am Everywhere


In my bacherlors project “I Am Everywhere” I have explored the combinations of geometric patterns and moving mechanisms in the form of wearable jewelry. With the intent to create jewelry that is possible for change and with a strong connection to sacred geometry, I have made three different jewelry object where different patterns are integrated with the movement of the iris mechanism. By turning parts of the jewelry, the leaves in the middle opens up to reveal what is hidden behind it. It is the wearer who’s in charge of deciding how the jewelry should be worn or displayed – open or closed.

My love for repetitive, geometric patterns – sacred geometry – is a big part of my artistic expression. Sacred geometry is everywhere around us, it is shapes and patterns that form the basic templates for life in the universe. They exist simultaneously in the external and internal world as in an attempt to communicate with us, to share the truths they carry. They are the fundamental, naked and raw that remains once all the layers has been peeled off.

With the help of patterns and geometry, I want to convey the connection between all living and non-living, the unity that exists among us and the connection between microcosm and macrocosm; “As above, so below”.