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BFA Textile-Body-Space

Karin Bäckström

Tingens hus – En plats där minnen lever vidare och dagdrömmar har sin början

Drawers, boxes and cabinets, the smaller rooms, the space for things. Secretive rooms, places with an inside, inner space where things are hidden, forgotten and can disappear but also be found again. The things inside these small rooms and the stories and memories that they carry is what this work is about. The home and the objects and things that belongs to the home have an ability to evoke memories and feelings from previous experiences. The things we have around us carry stories, but they can also evoke new stories, stories where memories, experiences and imagination together create something new, in a daydreaming state. A state where inner images and associations creates to new images, and without much effort a new story has been created.

These stories, that these objects and things evoke, I´ve interpreted and shaped in different ways. These stories have now taken place in a few dressers and drawers. Inside every drawer is a different story.

I want to invite others to take part in what is hidden in the drawers, the secrets of things and their stories.


Tingens hus.Pdf