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BFA Design

Filippa Ekmark

Förnimmelse av kroppslig from


In this project I have been working with the form of the body through abstraction and surface pattern, exploring our relation to the body’s shape as a more neutral form beyond categorization and the norms applied to it by society. In the movement between abstraction and figuration I have attempted to open up the possibility to play with and explore our perception of the body. Starting out with croquis and figuration I then continued to work with the shape through different levels of abstraction and media such as ink, aquarelle, clay and digital tools. Through the application of the forms in a surface pattern they come to relate to each other and affect one another, creating new shapes and new contexts. These explorations have resulted in a series consisting of two patterns, printed on silk fabric, as well as a ceramic sculpture/vase. These parts can function as individual pieces or be used together to create an installation, making it possible to get close to the shapes and get a tactile experience of them. Together they can create a physical space for reflection about our relation to and perception of the body and its form as a more neutral entity.