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BFA Design

Brendan Sugrue



A short animation that focuses on the importance of community, the idea for the movie sprung from the things that we’ve missed out on during the COVID-19 pandemic. It praises the everyday life that could have been. The movie isn’t overly obvious – but rather tries to capture a feeling. A feeling of: the happy, awkward, mundane, and sometimes chaotic encounters that we experience in everyday life. It’s utopian in such a way that these commonplace interactions are praised rather than focusing on a dramatic narrative full of intrigue. The dull reality we all long for is still going on somewhere out there.

Community for me is a feeling rather than a distinct group of people, structures, or establishments. It’s not necessarily only the intimate interactions which you encounter in a close relationship, it can be as easy as just being in an environment that makes you feel safe. The concept can range from a group with which you share mutual ideas, to a sense of belonging, or even just something as simple as a physical place. Of course it can have a more personal meaning as well. Community is a phenomenon that can be both general and deep.

This project captures a lot of my own interests such as architecture, anthropomorphism, typography, alliteration, fables, humour, easter eggs, and world building. It’s a summary of themes and ideas from my time at HDK, while it at the same time is an introduction of what is to come.

You can find the finished animation on my instagram within the near future!