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BFA Fine Art

Anna Zingmark

Photo: Kjell Caminah

Photo: Kjell Caminah

Photo: Kjell Caminah

Photo: Kjell Caminha

Chromo Sacrarium


I believe that an emotional state of release carries great potential to work as a positive tool in society. An emotionally grounded connection to oneself, in relation to the collective society at large, encourages the individual to step up and take part of the work that is required in order to challenge individualism and other destructive systems. In my art practise I research different spiritual contexts where various states of emotional release (especially mystical experiences) are encouraged. In my work Chromo Sacrarium* I have focused on the wholy space. The numerous elements/objects placed inside of a church, synagogue, mosque or temple have been carefully chosen to function as suggestive tools for the visitor to access in order to come in contact with a higher power. This can sometimes lead to mystical experiences. Chromo Sacrarium has appropriated these elements and created a “suggestive foundation”. The visitor is welcome to potentially let the sacred experience guide them towards a deeper, more complex connection to their emotional life.

* Chromo Sacrarium:
Chromo comes from chromotherapy (colortherapy) which is a pseudoscientific form of therapy that originates from ancient Egypt.
Sacrarium is a latin word that stems from ancient Rome. It refers to a roman shrine or sanctuary in a temple or a home containing sacred objects.