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Kandidat Möbeldesign

Samuel Norlind

The allure of emptiness


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This project aims to develop a method where the impersonal meaning of emptiness is the primary function of the object. The starting point was an investigation of architectural ways of working with space and light. Through abstract interpretations of existing alluring spaces in buildings, I found an interest in expressing tension with both the form and the light. The tension became a tool to create inviting shapes and coherence between the details and the object’s shape. Through a material-based exploration with full-scale modeling I tried to understand the expressions with my whole body. I believe that the bodily knowledge-building process is a method to express myself with several layers of meaning. In this object, the emptiness is highlighted in multiple scales – in the pattern, in the split in the form, and how the whole object separates space. As a piece of furniture, it questions its practical function of dividing the room. While aiming to manifest the endless emptiness in the room, this piece highlights the possibilities of furniture design to express soft and poetic values.