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Kandidat Design

Martina Claesson

Live & Learn from Space – The future home


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This project is a speculative design proposal for the future inhabitants of Mars 2035. I have been researching in future architecture structures, local material resources, living habits on the red planet and the psychological impact of being away from Earth.

I have designed a product family called The Marsha Family for the personal space, which contains of a chair and a dresser. Both are local manufactured by 3D-printing with local materials as iron oxide – the dust on the planet, bamboo composite and bamboo textile – which will be grown on the planet, basalt textile – which can be made of local stones.

The Marsha chair has a protective shape reminiscent of a nest. With plenty of space it is possible to crawl up and make room for rest and recovery.

The Marsha dresser is adaptable for any types of surfaces and floor plan, all from curved walls to sharp corners. It has a built-in greenhouse to minimize the distance between human and nature. And an open shelf area where there is room to place the most important belongings.

My vision of the project was to learn from the technological development for space, and to influence and inspire here on Earth today. With this as a starting point, I created a first draft of the furniture that was sponsored by The Wood Region and BLB Industries.