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Kandidat Möbeldesign

Lauranne Chapelle-Barry

Delicacy for living: a poetic journey through marquetry craft


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Undulatus Cabinet / Elmwood, CNC milled doors covered in marquetry (handcrafted veneer: pressed ash, birch, oak, pear and walnut). Brass hinges and screws. Finish: Light shellac and transparent Osmo oil. 

Frames / Birch frame, glass and brass hinges and locks. 

How can I re-actualise the decorative marquetry craft toward multi-sensorial experiences in furniture/object?

In this project, I challenged the wooden marquetry craft’s tactile and aesthetic experience* qualities. Named after wavy cloud formations, the ‘Undulatus’ low cabinet acts as a reminder to stimulate our mind and senses at home while encouraging us to take meditative breaks. To do so, its handcrafted volumic marquetry invites tactile interactions allowing the imagination to wander freely. Like a loyal companion, the cabinet purpose is to contain and hide from others personal items such as treasure boxes or memories. The user can then sit next to it on the floor or place the cabinet on low furniture to interact with it.

*aesthetic experience: high cognitive engagement triggering fascination, emotional unity with objects, and focused attention.

Finally, two frames showcase how I use Nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for my designs and process. Similar to ‘butterfly cabinets’ and ‘scientific collecting’, they display samples collected in the forest that inspired me to abstract patterns and volumes for experiments and the final cabinet.