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Kandidat Metallgestaltning

Filip Schmidt



Denna text finns bara på engelska

The title ’Jordbåt’ is roughly translated into ’Soil Boat’. It could be the unearthing of a time gone by, a coffin, or a vessel of reaching beyond. These notions has been a recurring element in my past two years of working with binding metal. In this project, I have sought to explore my memories, distorted by time in relation to the archetypical imagery of a boat. By manifesting the romanticized notion of something that once was, to show the duality of absence and presence, I hope to evoke a sombre moment of reminiscence. To me the binding of metal entails an action to keep things together. It shows notions of both strength and fragility. I like to believe that binding is devoid of malice, that it rather shows something that could be caring, nurturing without being boastful in its actions. The folds becomes an act of embrace, making each interaction of the bindings sturdy without being constricting. Looking at them I think they appear as fleeting moments. There is an anticipation of them unraveling yet they stick together. With this project I want to show these feelings that might haunt us, the ’disdained’ sides of oneself in another light. To evoke a sense of sadness, that has nothing to do with sorrow, that could be perceived as beautiful and important in understanding who you are.