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BFA Jewellery Art

Veronica Andersson

Photo: Lea KristoffersenStuedahl

Photo: Lea KristoffersenStuedahl

Photo: Lea KristoffersenStuedahl

My friend the bed

Day by day, in the same place. Stuck in my comfort zone, can’t get out. My fragile body is embraced by my friend, the bed.

In my brooches, I have examined the weight of my body when it hits the bed and is embraced by its safety. In my bed’s I have drawn out different emotions where I find myself stuck in a situation in which my mental illness prevents me from exiting my safe space. My brooches act as a therapeutic way for me to get out of my long-term problems by seeing the bed from another perspective. As I take the bed out of its existing room I reduce its size in an attempt to regain control of my mental space.

Materials: concrete, textile, brass, silver, aluminum, beads