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MFA Design

Tonka Crljen

Hacking Patriarchy


How to hack gender norms in everyday binary gendered products? How would this result in speculative products are genderless? How would a speculative genderless and post-patriarchal scenario help to create these products?

The project aimed to develop a hacking method and hacking toolbox that would provide tools to feminists, queer activists, and designers to hack binary gendered products for the post-patriarchal and genderless scenario. The hacking method aimed to create speculative products that are genderless and have more nuanced product language targeting individual genderless preferences and needs. 

This method was developed in series of hacking workshops with designers, queer activists, feminist organizations and a set of feedback from queer individuals. The hacking method was materialized in the form of a hacking toolbox. Just like the hacking method, the toolbox makes hacking binary gendered products accessible to designers, feminists, and queer activists. The hacking toolbox serves as a tool and a discussion generating piece around gender norms and design