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MFA Fine Art

Susanne Fagerlund

All Dolled Up Deepfakes // All That Jelly and No Toast


Susanne Fagerlund explores how virtual and human bodies are represented and manipulated in today’s technology-driven societies. She is especially interested in how digital spaces and commodification constrains behaviours, desires, and identities. Technological development has historically always been tightly entangled with commodification of the human body. Working project-based it is often a current event or phenomena in society that triggers her enquiries.

All Dolled Up Deepfakes (digital sculpture, deepfake videos and an artist’s book)
A recent report on deepfake videos shows that 96 percent of them are about simulating porn with people without their consent.  Mostly the videos are used for harassment, revenge porn and frauds. In her work, Fagerlund has utilized the controversial deepfake technology which, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), creates realistic videos with manipulated faces and bodies. She collaborates with AI that through machine learning attempts to create representations of whole bodies from fragmented images of sex dolls. The project consists of deepfake videos, a digital sculpture and an artist’s book. The artist’s book (ISBN: 978-91-985739-0-9) is in the format of cabinet cards as a reminiscent of photography – a technological artefact enabling mass consumption of representations.

All That Jelly and No Toast (video installation 3:10 min)
In the work Fagerlund mimics actions and gestures from a promotional video for a sex doll body part. The expression All That Jelly and No Toast is featured in the promotional video and according to Urban Dictionary the top definition is:

“When you see a girl who has potential and is attractive but isn’t giving it to any guy

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