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MFA Film

Mats Adler

Photo: Mattias Pollak

The Cat as Mouse

Duration: 20 minutes

Short Synopsis
A neighbourhood watch has been formed as a response to several cat killings that have taken place in a small suburban area. Frustrated with the police’s inability to act, one woman takes it upon herself to catch the killer.

Biography of the director
Mats Adler is a writer and director, born in Gothenburg. He previously directed the short Q&A (GIFF 2020), the anthology film The Location (GIFF 2019) and Kalasa (2015). The cat as mouse is his exam film from the Master of Fine Arts in Film at HDK-Valand. Mats is currently writing his first feature film to direct.


Mats Adler
+46-70 791 73 53


Artist Statement
Mats Adler is a writer and filmmaker who grounds his work in the themes like communication, human decency and souls astray, exploring them from different angles, and pushing for different temperaments in every film. In his most recent work, he explores themes around duality and power relations regarding kids and adults. Aesthetically, his starting point is in different genre forms, with deconstruction as a method and inferring the genres codes and conventions. Aesthetically, his starting point is in different genre forms, codes and conventions, which he questions in and through his films, by purposefully deconstructing, destabilizing and interfering these very codes and conventions.

His graduation film is a foray into the purity of in-betweenness. An aesthetic conflict between the analogue and digital, which thematically mirrors the conflict between the heart and the mind on social media. The cat as mouse is a docu-noir in an immediate context, as we watch a hero’s journey unfold as told by a questionable hero. And we identify with the hero in the self-proclamation of being one. This particular film was not written as a screenplay. Instead, we get to see the filmmaker’s intuitive images, bringing together the notions of genre play and in-betweenness. The deduction of the film lands in the counterparts of violation of the flesh versus the violation of integrity.