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MFA Textile-Body-Space

Luisa Recker

Wild things – A collection of Handwoven Couture


Making fashion within our times, on this damaged planet, makes me feel like a wild animal in a cage. In my work I am climbing the fences of this cage, just like an orangutan in the zoo. How to get out? What to do? In this work, the cage becomes a loom and I turn it into my tree in the wilderness by climbing on it and playing in it. Working with the properties of the loom, each garment is handwoven in one continuous piece. Afterwards it is carefully sewn together to a three-dimensional body, ready to be worn. This handwoven fashion collection offers a new way of sensing materiality and our surroundings. The clothes are inviting you to touch, to smell, to open the cage yourself, to step into wilderness.
The term “wild” that was used in this thesis refers to the concept of the “wild things” brought up by the dutch anthropoligist Hilde Bouchéz. Another word for “wild” could be “original”. Because it is about the origin and something archetypical, fundamental or universal, in combination with newness, individuality and life blown into things in the making process. The term is also strongly related to the idea of nature and wildlife. In this project, I make room for my own nature: I am freeing myself from how clothes are usually made and following my own understanding and interest.

Fashion can propose another way of living and give us new perspectives. Away from hypes with its short life cycles, this work aims to challenge the existing fashion system by putting value on careful and curious interaction with materials.

Jacket: Linen, Virgin Wool, Mohair

Fur Pullover: Cotton, Viscose, Ramie, Mohair, Cashmere Blouse: Cotton, Viscose, Ramie
Trousers: Cotton, Viscose, Ramie, Merino Wool, Angora Wrap Pullover: Cotton, Linen, Alpaca, Goat, Wool
Top: Cotton, Linen

Shorts: Cotton, Linen, Wool