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BFA Design

Kaspar Lindqvist



FAKE is a graphic novel about three quite different individuals whose realities are shattered by the realization that everything might be an illusion. In this tale, together with our involuntary heroes, we get to explore the abstract situation that they are in. Filled with action, drama, romance and artificial intelligence, FAKE paints up a dark story which is based on: What is real?

FAKE came from an idea I had in the autumn of 2020 about a story that takesk place in a computer simulation with an involuntary and conflicted protagonist. The process went on to write a script where I worked out a narrative where I experimented with thoughts and concepts that A.I. researchers sometimes talk about and I combined that my own interpretations of these ideas. After the script was ready, I illustrated three chapters of the graphic novel and it was presented in the form of a paperback together with the books cover and the script.

Here you can take part of the three chapters. I hope you like them!

FAKE webbpublication