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BFA Design

Filippa Carlsson



In the heart of central Portugal, high up in the mighty, star-speckled mountains of Serra da Estrella, lies an enchanting and secret gemstone. The wonderful and unique Vale de Moses yoga center. This lovely place is surrounded by forested cliffs with pine trees gently balancing the slopes. And it was exactly this relationship between tree, mountain, balance and yoga, that inspired the creator of this design proposal. Resulting in a sleeping hut, born and raised in the valley, a kind, local cousin to the native pines. In the project a conceptual idea of shape comes to life through renderings, open plans, illustrations, text and visualizations. Focus is on form and sustainable, local materials. The sleeping hut is tailored to sleep and breath, since this is a vital part of the yoga practice.
The process has been a digital one, an experimentation, jumping between different softwares, some known since before, and others, to this designer, new acquaintances.
The result is visible in this pdf