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BFA Textile-Body-Space

Fanny Schwarz

The marbled fable


Far away in the distance there’s a white cube
Not very conspicuous
However still something catches the curiosity, like capturing a butterfly in a net
A large cube of sugar

Sweet and alluring
Stepping closer, there appears a gap in the sugarcube
Open the gap

Step forward and take a look inside
You will not be needing your shoes
With bare feet stepping in a soft cloud of textile
The sugar cubes belly is everything but white
Overwhelming colourful fireworks of shapes and patterns
A landscape in the midst of a world
Imagine the expectations on a funfair
Butterflies in the stomach
You’re stepping into the fable
Creatures gathered in a huddle
Whispering secrets
Telling stories

My work is based upon the age-old handicraft marbling which I wanted to put in a contemporary narrative, where the creation of characters is paramount. The premiss was to create a spatial installation where marbling would take up the space. A world that has its root from fables, an allegori for our imaginative capabilities.  

The moral of the fable I leave to the viewer. I want in one way or another capture the beholder, give you an experience. Through your imagination maybe even put my creatures in their own stories.

I welcome you into a world that from the commencement is marbled, the room bred, the landscape painted and the creatures born. 

Jump into my fairytale!