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MFA Textile-Body-Space

Fanny Hulebäck



You are met by a tall hooded figure; or is it a tree? Surrounded by trees on a bark clad ground. It smells of moss and wood and you look into the hollowed out stem and you see… 

This installation is Fanny Hulebäck’s, master student at Textile-Body-Space, rendition of the old swedish tradition Årsgång (year-walk). A divinatory walking ritual performed at the beginning of the new year. This ritual would tell you the secrets of the coming year and give you warnings of disasters and/or death. Fanny’s way of interpreting this became the woods itself being the teller of prophecies. The ultimate goal of the walk being an encounter with the personification of this event, the all knowing woodland being – the Årsgång itself. A scenario where you, as the viewer, are the lost wanderer in need of guidance.