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BFA Textile-Body-Space

Elsa Mellquist

Naturrutan – A visualization of nature with nature


In my exam project have I created weaves which I’ve painted on with natural colors. My  intention in this project is to present the colors of nature. Both natures tonality and the  pigments that could be created from plants. Nature and its colors works as a visually  library for me. In color and form investigations am I using natural materials and being  inspired of natures forms, structures and color combinations. The forest and the seaside  are the inspiration for this work.  

I have picked and collected plants that I’ve boiled into color concentrates and later on  painted on the warp before I weaved it. I’ve painted my inner pictures I have from nature,  after I’ve made color maps and studied the visual expressions of nature.  

The weaves are made from wool and linen. I’ve made pigments from heather, cones from  al tree, red cabbage, red onion and blueberry bush.