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Kandidat Film


Fotograf: Tobias Dahlin


Denna text är bara tillgänglig på engelska

Josephs is born out of a trauma and visits one on his way back to the sea, where his friend took his last breath
What draws a human to the place, which has given great sorrow
Can you find your way back when the pain has subsided
And heaven has become your ocean

I am a human in need to be surrounded by beautiful souls.
To fill my soul with energy I stop and stare. I believe replenishing everything that is beautiful gives meaning to our lives and me a life worth living.

In this film you will be taken below the surface




Director’s Comment
To choose and opt out.
To see or stare.
To film or just recorded with the memory.
To allow time to come without aging.
To wait without direction.
Thoughts in fragments dedicated my time.
When the waves give the rhythm of life.
When grief takes you to the sea like waves tr ying to reach the shore.
Here I turn my gaze.