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Master Child Culture Design

Minni Wendy R.B.T.

Queer enablers for queer play –
Designing for queer use that supports freeplay in preschools

Den här texten är bara tillgänglig på engelska

Children have an amazing ability to see play and possibilities everywhere. This includes using object in queer ways ie in other situations and for other things than they were intended for. What happens if adults and children together venture into the realm of possibilities there are in our everyday objects? As a kickstarter to see the possibilities there are all around us, play designer Minni Wendy has created The Couplers and The Bubblers which are meant to be used together with everyday objects. They add affordances and help the players to see affordances by transforming the everyday objects both visually and functionally. They are inviting for queer use of objects – play.

As an introduction, inspiration and moodsetter for play and exploration of everyday objects two books have been made, one for The Couplers and one for The Bubblers. The one tells a story of a whisk who gets transformed and gets to experience much more than just the kitchen with the help of The Bubblers. By flipping the split pages of the other book different combinations of objects are created with the help of The Couplers.

The project is made to be used in preschools as an activity between adults and children. Queer use of objects seems to be a way to reach a higher level of equity between adults and children. Everyone steps into an unknown territory when the everyday objects are removed from their usual circumstances and enter the playsituation.