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Master Film

Hannes Renvall

The Turguoise Guard

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Duration: 15 minutes

Short Synopsis
A dedicated and a bit shy gallery guard starts his first day on the job. A group of visitors comes into the gallery and the situation makes an unexpected frontflip.

Biography of the director
Hannes Renvall (b. 1989) is a Finnish film director and writer. He received a BA degree from the Turku Academy of Arts in 2017.  Hannes is known for his film Some ways to get rid of a Body (2018), a surrealistic dance film. The film won the prize for Best Screendance at the In Shadow Dance film festival, Lissabon, 2018, and the prize for Best National Dance Film at the Loikka Dance Film Festival.


Hannes Renvall


Artist Statement
Transcendence, sense of belonging and love are recurring themes in Hannes Renvall’s work, often marked by surrealistic and absurd overtones.

Hannes Renvall’s current absurdist film The Turqoise Guard explores themes around art and representation. How are we looking at, or seeing each other as humans? And how are we looking at, or seeing art? What would happen if someone is seeing someone else as an art piece? What would become the human’s status? In the film The Turquoise Guard a museum guard is mistaken for an art piece, after which a series of absurdist situations unfold. By doing so Hannes loosely explores the proposed questions, thus delivering a playful absurdist critique on our current society.