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BFA Design

Therése Berglund



It is predicted that the workplace and the home will flow together more in the future and the boundaries between these will not be as clear even after the pandemic is over. For most people, the workplace and the home are two separate places that have different designs, functions, and where we have different roles. Through our physical transition from the home to the workplace, we undergo a mental transition from a private place to a productive place. This structure was completely turned upside down by the corona pandemic.

Re-Focus is a portable workstation made of molded felt and cork for remote working people who live in small homes that haven’t got space for a home office. It also facilitates the mental transition from working time to private time by folding it, closing it and placing it on the side to mark the end of the working day or school day. Re-focus shields from distractions, dampens sound and creates a space for focused work. The design, material choices and colors are based on neurodesign, which is an interdisciplinary concept of how brain research together with design can promote health, productivity and well-being.