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BFA Design

Linn Johansson

In Distance


The forest as a resource
The forest as a part of the economy
The forest as a place for biological diversity
The forest as a part of climate change

Sweden’s surface is covered to 70% by forest. How the different values ​​of the forest should be prioritized and valued is a conflict without answers.

In the thesis I wanted to approach the forest. I wanted to follow the flow of resources from the forest, how they are managed and how the extraction affects a landscape. A flow that involves a transfer of resources, from rural to urban areas, from raw material to product and from producer to consumer. A movement where distance is created between material and its origin. In that distance I wanted to create a connection, search for what the distance consist of and what is lost in the distance to the forest.

I have physically moved between the city and the forest. In the forest, I have started from a specific place for my exploration. Through film, photo and sound from the place, I have sought experience and knowledge of the forest. I wanted to capture the forest and get to know it. My illustrations and objects became answers and reflections of my experiences.

The work has resulted in a book: IN THE DISTANCE and two objects in wood: THE SUPPORT and THE TREE.