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BFA Jewellery Art

Lili Lu

“Childish”?! Jewelry that I have played from


The birds sang outside of the window early in the morning;

The leaves of the tree swayed and rustled in the gentle breeze;

Then I sat down and grabbed a pen to scribble something on my faded sketchbook;

Childish­­!  A word that is full of imagination; a theme that has a myriad of possibilities. Now let me start this new adventure and to play with my adorable jewelries.


I like the heart shape and the weaves of the sweater,

Then I filled one heart with the knitting texture;


I like the letters and the architecture,

Then I built the geometrical structure on the letter;


Did you ever see, see the firework sparkling across the sky?  And then, you wished you were the one who ignite them;


Did you ever have, have a fantasy when you were little? And then, you imagined that you one day become the Iron Man and save the world.


I like colored stones,

Then I attached them to my lovely jewelries;


I like ice cream in summer,

Then I eat it at my cosy balcony;


I like hugging my parents and snuggling with them,

Then I sit on the couch with them after dinner and act like a little child;


Don’t say that I am childish, I just do things i like!