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BFA Furniture Design

Josephine Aspenrot

Mellan stad och landsbygd


The sun is still low and warming through the window. The city with its life behind. Cars whiz past with increasing distances. The forest is becoming increasingly dense, the rolling fields more and more. The fog sweeps over the fields and blurs the surroundings, like the impressions the longer the distance to the city becomes. There are days when impressions are needed, days when they need to be erased. Places make the world clear, clear in different ways. The conditions for an awareness that life is going on are never the same from one place to another. A city so full of life. A countryside so filled with emptiness. Emptiness gives time for thought, time for reflection. 

An embodiment of thoughts about inconstancy, about impressions and emptiness – a space between the beginning and the end, the space and time in which we live our lives.

Life is constantly in ongoing change. Our identity, needs and spaces change with time. If our furniture reflected the inconstancy experience in life, would we then keep them longer? Based on detail and Japanese traditional space perception, I have explored what inconstancy means to me and what it could mean within design, with the aim of creating objects with a longer life. With moving parts, different degrees of transparency and a play of shadows. I have transferred the interaction of impressions gotten over moving geographically between city and countryside to a piece of furniture and its objects.