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BFA Metal Art

Jennie Appelqvist

Lost Within, Left Without


My exam project was born out of grief. It’s about the emptiness felt from loss, how that can tear you apart and feed of you until there is nothing left.

Almost every object in our daily lives has at one point been in some kind of box. Even if the object itself hasn’t been in one, most of the pieces of material that built it have been in boxes. Because the box is an everyday object and only the content is of importance, the box itself becomes nearly unnoticed. With my boxes however the content, or lack of doesn’t represent anything physical was once in there. What is felt to be important within us, though it might exist in physical form on the “outside”, is not something tangible on the inside.

These remains of boxes have lost what once gave them meaning, when something or someone

important is lost an emptiness creeps in, and it devours.