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BFA Metal Art

Jean-Baptist Galon

The adrift of the world and The Bison herd


Galon Materials: clay, iron ore, enamel, glass, bronze, calcium, forge steel. 

Everything around us is in motion, whether alive or not alive, whether they are ideas or reality,  whether small or gigantic! Like the tectonic plates of our planet. On which we evolve and build our selves. Continents like great prehistoric animals in perpetual change, in perpetual evolution a melting pot of rock, life, and stories. 

Sculptures in an aesthetic of rock painting. The work was carried out by combining native American myths (noble stories, rich in color, and pictures) and also the scientific theory of continental drift. A way of placing the human in the world, in the “herd of life”. 

To have a look on several thousand years back. On the evolution that we have had, from an ethical  and technological point of view.