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BFA Textile Art

Felicia Rauma Andersen


Photo: Lea Kristoffersen Stuedahl

Våra händers verk (värk)


Våra händers verk (värk) has been an examination of work, heritage and time.

The installation consists of a main cloth woven of linen and wool. It has been a matter of letting a long forgotten warp from Finland become a finished cloth. In dialogue with the linen warp, I have created my own warp of wool, which I myself have spun and dyed. Then I have woven these together in a double weave: a side of linen and a side of wool, which meet in the patterns I picked. The smaller weaves consist of the linen warp that was left over.

For me, it has been about connecting to an intangible heritage and creating a sense of belonging. I have long felt rootless, hereditary. By picking patterns from mothers’ weaves, I have been able to create a connection between generations. We must remember the work of their hands.

It has been a study of time.

My time, which I chose to spend on the wool and weaving, but also the past. It is a tribute to the care of women’s hands that has been put on stitches, and carefully hemmed tablecloths. I weave to remember those who could not call themselves artists. Those who were just “mothers”; whom gave birth to children who became mothers and fathers, whom then gave birth to children who became us.