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BFA Design

Daniela Werner

CLARITY – an organic transparent divider that nourish ecosystems and nature

The way we produce things today depletes the ecosystems we depend on, which leads to the oceans becoming acidified, deforestation and wildlife and plants losing their habitat. In the long run, this means that oxygen decreases in air and sea while fires and new viruses that create pandemics occur. Plastic is one of our major environmental problems, everything from production to recycling and littering in nature. Only 8% of all plastic from 1952 to today is recycled.

My thesis has mainly been about producing biodegradable plastic for indoor use, which possibly could replace plexiglass. The plastic is based on ingredients that you find in the kitchen. The material is transparent, hard and decomposes in about a month in nature / sea / compost that nourishes microorganisms and ecosystems. Creating a circularity for more sustainable production.

With the plastic, I have designed a divider intended for restaurants (mainly during pandemics) which the restaurant can manufacture in its kitchen. This reduces, among other things, material waste, electricity consumption and shipping. The divider is produced from my bioplastic and FSC marked wood. The aesthetic qualities of this plastic can be changed. This divider is created for restaurant Björk & Bambu in Gothenburg, color and dimensions are specifically adapted to their wishes / decor.