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Master Fotografi

Anna Sofia Jernryd

Photo: Hendrik Zeitler

Photo: Hendrik Zeitler

Breathing Space

Installation with video, sound, wood, PVC mattress

Video loop, 2 min., 10 sec.

Den här texten är bara tillgänglig på engelska

Through her artistic practice Anna Sofia Jernryd examines conventional ideas concerning representation, identity and classification as well as the meaning of ‘belonging’. Jernryd is interested in renegotiating the boundaries between inside and outside, inclusion and exclusion as well as ‘I’ and ‘you’. By repositioning herself/ the subject/ viewer, she opens up for a movement between these positions.

With the work Breathing Space, Jernryd invites the viewer to an embodied experience by asking them to lie down, meet a different perspective and listen to the sound of a human being breathing under water. At the same time, she asks the question ‘who is experiencing whom?